martes, 19 de febrero de 2008

Un paseo por Plasencia el Domingo pasado

A walk around Plasencia last Sunday...

Hmmm... Not much to say here. We went for a walk around town last weekend & remembered to bring the camera for a change.

Up around the plaza de toros (bullfighting ring) we found this painting on the side of a building. It´s not graffiti, but it´s not exactly a mural, either. One of my co-workers claims he knows the artist. We´d like to meet him & hopefully get him involved in some upcoming projects.

A short walk from the plaza de toros is el parque de los pinos ("the park of the pine trees") where we took the photo of the peacock, or pavo real in Spanish.

Despite the fact that Plasencia is a small town with a population of 40,000, where almost everything is within walking distance, I hadn´t entered this park in about 2 years. I was very happy to learn that the monkeys had been removed to a much more "zoo-like" environment.

The reason I hadn´t visited the park in such a long time was due to the fact that it was so depressing to enter the park & see the monkey cages. The monkeys always looked so damned miserable & there was one little fellow always moaning & shreeking & trying to escape from his cage. It was awful. Now the park only contains birds. Most of them are injured (the one-eyed owl) and/or were brought from an animal shelter (the vultures). It´s an interesting little park carved into the side of a hill &, if you´re ever in town, it´s well worth a visit.


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